Natalia Luneva

M.A. in Psychology (FHAM, Germany), International Diploma in Biosynthesis - Somatic and Depth Psychology Oriented Psychotherapy (IFB, Switzerland),
Certificate in Psychotraumatology (DIPT, Germany),
Certificate in System Approach in Individual, Marital and Family Therapy (MRI, USA).
Member of APA (American Psychological Association),
DPS (Slovenian Psychological Association).
Hello, I am a  psychologist,  body  psychotherapist,  psychotraumatologist. In my work, I use various methods:  systemic family therapy,  process psychology,  art therapy,  body  psychotherapy ( Biosynthesis,  Bodynamics,  Hakomi), various  meditation and  relaxation techniques, as well as  coaching. I choose the most appropriate method for each individual.

I work with requests to overcome  fear,  anxiety,  panic  attack, and gain  self-confidence. I also successfully help clients solve  relationship problems,  growing up issues and  separation from  parents. If you or your  family has experienced  psychological  trauma, my consulting services will help you find  resources and overcome  consequences of  trauma.

If you constantly suffer from  headache,  muscle  pain, difficulty in  breathing and doctors find no reasons, it is possible that this is a manifestation of  psychosomatics. My clients often come with similar  symptoms.  Awareness and elaboration of one's own psychological problems help to  cope with the  physical  manifestation of such symptoms.

During consultations, it is also possible to work out  conflict situations, both in  family and  work  environment. People often underestimate the resources of conflict as a  source of  personal  development. Working with conflicts helps to see the situation from different angles and find the optimal  solution. As a result of the session, not only optimal solutions are found, but opportunities for  personal  development are discovered.
I will be happy to meet you via Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or personally if needed. Please email me at to make an appointment.

After confirming the time of the consultation, I expect payment from you no later than one day before the consultation. Alternative payment methods are negotiable.
Please provide the payer's details.

The data we collect will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and International Low. I confirm confidentiality and non-disclosure of any information received from you before, during or after the consultation.
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Online consultations

Psychological consultation

The cost of this consultation is 80 euro. You may paid 100% prepayment no later than the day before the consultation.
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Diagnostics of your energy state (online)

The cost of the consultation is 120 euro. The duration of the consultation is 90-120 minutes. A preliminary interview is required. You may paid 100% prepayment no later than the day before the consultation.
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Constellation (online)

The cost of an online constellation is 80 euro. The duration of the constellations is 60-90 minutes. You may paid 100% prepayment no later than the day before the consultation.
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Special conditions apply for students of Biosynthesis and for clients from needy families.
Contact me to learn more about these conditions.
What my clients say ❤️
  • L., Georgia
    Natalia feels her client very much and this is a very great comfort. She always skillfully selects techniques for handling a particular situation. Working with her was very fruitful and effective for me. One hour of the consultation with Natalia passed like a few minutes for me. Many thanks!.
  • M., Germany
    Thanks to working with Natalia, I managed to change my place of work to something more interesting for me. I already hated my past job, but I was very afraid of losing a stable income and could not decide to change. Now I work close to home, I run independent projects and I even managed to take a step forward in my career! There have been changes for the better in my personal life. Many thanks!
  • L., Slovenia
    Natalia helped me live through a very painful situation from the past, which I could never forget. She helped me find the inner resources to deal with it and now I feel strong enough to deal with adversity. After working with Natalia, I feel much more confident! Thanks!
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